Examining whether supposedly formulaic evangelism is just a straw-man for us to conveniently dislike, and what incarnation has to do with sharing the gospel.

01 The Christmas Hangover – What Are We Celebrating?

02 Is This Just An Argument Against Straw-Men?

03 Going Beyond The Recitation Of The Formula

04 The Divorce Of Evangelism From Everyday Life

05 The Value Of The Formula

06 The Surprising Size Of The Gospel

07 Start Somewhere

08 Expectations, The Image Of God

09 Unintentional Dis-Incarnation

10 Jesus’ Evangelism Models Incarnation

11 Motivated By A Hospitable God

12 Privileged With Participation

13 Right Now But Not Yet

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2 thoughts on “Evangelism”

  1. Matthew 13: 1-23 Jesus speaks in parables because not all are ready or able to hear and understand the message of the gospel. But the story starts with the spreading of the seed. We need to remember this as we evangelize, Even when a week non invested, drive-by evangelism is done, it is scattering the seed.
    Some will plant, some will water, others will harvest, all in the Lords timing, but nothing happens if the planting is not done. There is no strawman in evangelism, simply different ways of scattering the seed.

  2. Do we get to this place of Utopia, where we believe God so much that we just go out and do this?
    Yes we do, God becomes so much a part of you that in our imperfection we still live a life that speaks the gospel. even when we don’t verbalize the gospel to those we come in contact with.

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