Connections, Vulnerability, And Other Such Notions

“A Conversation On The Roundabout” where we start with the topic of connection and just go from there.

01 We’re Not Truly Connected

02 Being Exposed VS Being Revealed

03 Vulnerability – Being Known AND Loved

04 Covenant Relationships Like Marriage And Membership

05 Vulnerability – Appropriate Discipline And Embracing Discomfort

06 Conversational Stages And The First Membership Question

07 This Thing Should Be Powerful Enough To Transform You

08 Spiritual Ascension Is Provided By God

09 All Are Worthy Of Love Because All Are Image Bearers

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Introductions, Part 2: A Conversation With Mario Alejandre

“The First One, Part II,” where we talk about hospitality, recognizing culture and marginalization, and the message of Jesus.

Fair Warning: Some strong language.

01: Nate And Mario, Non-Native Natives

02: Mario’s Sense Of Call To Salt Lake

03: Mario’s Experience With Utah Culture, Fruitfulness Redefined

04: Hospitality Is More Than We Think

05: A Story From A Place Reserved For Greater Hospitality

06: How Much Deeper Jesus Goes With Ethics And Hospitality

07: Utah Cultural Connection Points, Risk and Vulnerability

08: The Difficulty Of Receiving Hospitality

09: The Experience Of An Ethnic Minority

10: Marginalized People And The Church

11: We Want More, So What’s Next?

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Introductions, Part 1: Mark, Nate, and Danny on The Economy Of Grace

“The First One,” where we talk about where “The Economy Of Grace” came from, Utah culture, and fitting the two together.

01: Intro, City Presbyterian And The Economy Of Grace

02: Why Think Deeply About The Economy Of Grace?

03: “Radical” Hospitality And Mission

04: The Importance Of Place And Long Term Relationships

05: It’s Tough When Folks Leave, And It’s Tough To Stay

06: Loving A Place By Choice, And Planting A Church

07: We Want More (People From Utah)

08: High Cultural Costs

09: Ambassadorship

10: The Long, Hard Work Of Accepting Cultural Distinctives

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